Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi - Free The Henge

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Sticks and standing stones

Arrests and broken bones

Peoples' homes destroyed

Vicious thugs employed

By rulers alienated

From an earth they've devastated

Surround our temple with barbed wire

But in our hearts there burns a fire (to)

Free the Henge Free the Henge

Our culture is attacked

Our right are violated

I say its time to end

The restrictions they've created

Free the Henge Free the Henge

For thousands of years Stonehenge has been a sacred meeting place for people - Furthermore in 1918 it was gifted to the nation the then "owner" on the condition that there sholud be free access for all who wished to gather there so what gives you the right, the power to decide that the people's access to the stones will be denied? We won't be stopped by cops, four miles "exclusion zones" 'cos we're coming through to liberate the stones

Free the Henge Free the Henge

The time will come again

When we'll be at Henge

To feel the Earthpower

At the solstice houre

Free the Henge Free the Henge

Free the Henge Free the Henge

Winter solstice 1988 - Stonehenge - Bands playing, jugglers juggling, people breathing fire, gathering wood in the trees as the music echoed through the night air, laughing, sitting round the campfire talking and sharing food and drink - An amazingly friendly atmosphere - In the morning, gathering before dawn at the stones, dancing round the stone circle hand in hand - A little magic in the midst of our grey, drab world of concrete and exhaust fumes...

Summer solstice 1989 - Riot police, road-blocks, coming up against the full force of the state, chased through woods by the cops, hiding in the ditches while helicopter searchlights sliced through darkness to find us, fear, anger, determination - That they will not beat us, that they will not destroy our culture... A response: If they think they can stop us gathering together for free festivals they are wrong. Our response to our experiences was just to come and organise a free festival on Cramond Island near Edinburgh.

With the help of many others we made our own festival - And you can too!

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