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Oi Polloi - Anti-Police Aggro

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Most people's experience with the police isn't some sort of rose-faced "Dixon of Dock Green" type who goes around cuffing someone on the shoulder for nicking a rosy apple or something right. Their experience of the cops is: They ride around in riot vans all day(they can't walk anywhere. If they're so popular how come they can't wlak around on their own anymore?) They turn up five days after your house has been burgled and say they can't do nothin' about it right. They kick shit out of you up in a magistrates court on a Monday - that's the reality of the cops.

Sure, you know when the Nazis are marching, when they're out there, yeah, go and give them a fuckin' kickin' 'cos tha's all they can understand, that's the only way to deal with them. There is no other way, to be sure.

I asked police to let us pass. I've spent 3 years in five different concentration camps and I know what Nazism is.

Burnside? Wanker, fuckin' prick

Inspector Morse makes me fuckin'sick

T.V. bollocks fuckin' shite

Is this supposed to be real life???!

REAL cops are out harassing sabs

Killing in the cells and guarding torture labs

Racist bastards who push it too far

Till a riot explodes like a petrol bombed car


Beat me mate in the cells till he pissed blood

But now that copper's lying in the mud

And the boots rain in, HARD

That bastard's gonna wind up scared

And the girl who he once framed

Torched his car now it's in flames

This is the day we've waited for, all our anger out it pours


Within minutes missiles were being thrown at the police

Some of the demonstrators involved pulled scarves over their faces

Soon the police were charging the defiant protestors and the

stand-off became steadily more tense

"This hail of missiles is increasing

lobbed at and over the heads of police


In go the mounted police"

Protecting nazis time after time

But now the kids are streaming right through their lines

Fash and cops both go down

As the AGGRO spreads all over town

Bricks and bottles fall like rain

Evil coppers double up in pain

As they get their just desserts

Fuckin' bastards I hop it hurts


"But one thing! There was a lot of anarchists on the march and they were the, like, main ringleaders causing a lot of damage-


there was no need for that really."

"And again in London we've seen a cowardly mob of extremists who turn up with no intention of demonstrating against a cause - but they turn up to cause disorder and violence and damage."

Revolution isn't a thing that happens overnight. It's not a thing that - the orgasmic storming of Buckinghame palace and everything's alright in the morning, we've got a revolutionary society. We've got to realize that as things get harder - when we have a revolution, when we're headed towards a revolution things'll be harder still - And when we've obtained our revolution it doesn't stop-it continues on and on and on - It continues on until WE are the moderates. Right? When we are the moderates that's when we have a revolution. When ordinary people say "Anarchists? Ah, fuck - they're a load of fuckin' liberals-they don't believe in revolution at all, ah , fuckin' hell they're useless, like, you know - Yeah, that's what I wanna see. That's what I'm fuckin' fighting for.

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