O.G. SPANISH FLY - Oldie 2000

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(feat. Silencer)

[OG Spanish Fly]

Speeding up the block, dodging all the cops

Ain't trying to see me end up at the spot

Just another case, just another number, just another motherfucker gotta wonder

How you got it like that, how you got these flows

How you always end up everyday with hoes

I just kick back and relax and smoke those, I just kick back and relax and smoke those

I know the Low Pros, 1520's in this house

Got a joint in my hand, blunt in my mouth, gun to the sky, bumping More Bounce

Party's on and cracking, bitches, hoes are stacking

In Dago Town we don't fuck around, down to blaze a pound, down to lay em down

With this gangster sound coming round through your speakers

We choking, no tweekers, we ass and tit seekers bumping loud through your speakers

It's that vato Maniac kicking back smoking on a sack

Drinking by the back, sipping Congac in the Lac

In the back, roll it up, pass it back


Well it's me Silencer about to kick another verse to an oldie

All the hynas all around the world know the name of this homey

Bitches I'm slapping, I'm the baddest when you see me rapping

Babydoll I'm your peloncito and I'm your papacito

Everytime I'm gonna bust a flow everyone wants to come and see the show

Say you wanna know what I'm all about

Silencer is in the house to make you bounce

And the hynas all around wanted this, enemies are never ever gonna last

So I'm gonna blast, putting everything up in their past

The rules, I'm gonna break em and the hoes, I'm gonna take em

Now it's time for me to go and kick it

All the hynas wanna come and kick it

I'm rolling and smoking, for reals I'm not joking

I'm blasting and laughing, for reals I'm not joking

[OG Spanish Fly]

Swig and take a sip, never slip, always tripping and dipping

Always smoking and choking and loc'ing and poking your girl

Then twirl around and roll another joint and puff it up, so what the fuck we here for

What's the beer for, it's a 2-triple-0 year so Low Profile is here, on no

Watch when I come, duck when I buck

I don't give a fuck I'll keep you in a truck

Keep on rolling down the stream till your body's rotting and floating in a creek

Never will the cops see, who was he, just another victim of society

Fucking around with me will leave your ass six feet under the D-I-R-T

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