O.G. SPANISH FLY - It's Spanish Fly

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[O.G. Spanish Fly: Talkin]

What up Ese, It's that vato O.G. Spanish Fly

A.K.A. Maniac for those who don't know

Whoo whoo

[O.G. Spanish Fly]

What's up, listen

Let me take this little chance

To grab the microphone

And pull a cuete out my pants

Spanish fly gettin high

With the homies cant you see

Now what the fuck you putos

Wanna player hate on me

Is it the rappin

The mic i be attackin

With some weed and hennisse

Manaic will be to mackin

Boy don't even trip

Bustin rounds out come slugs

My homies is deep I'm with a clika full of thugs

Mi fuckin mi killin mi love livin

With total devotion to rappin and millions

Is how we live in the 619 I thought you knew

Well bitch don't trip let me bust my flows

Maniac a.k.a Spanish Fly you ho


It..... It's Spanish Fly, It's Spanish Fly


[O.G. Spanish Fly]

Woke up, jumped out my bed

I gotta take a shower but primero shave my head

The party's down the street with some freaks of the week

The microphone is open for discussion let me speak

Pullin into the parking lot a friendly type of kill

The homies pitchin in now what you wanna do

A twenty pack of bud a case of thirty twos

A bottle of bacardi and a case to smooth

The jam is Spanish Fly, he's opinion cause I'm strapped

Chillin wit the homies cause the homies always got my back

Do Wa Diddy in a bitches titty then I'm out

I got the shit that makes the bitches wanna scream and shout

Yap Maniac, gun hoe you know

I'm chillin wit the homie Royal T at the show

So what you wanna do fool how do you want some

I got the whole down knowin Ese you don't want none

It's like this and like that and like this and uh

I got my gat cocked back wit a clip an uh

I'm fully strapped wit my nine milly clip an uh

We on hit, Spanish Fly is the shit but uh

I gotta go


[O.G. Spanish Fly]

Verse number 3, to the streets for me

O.G. Spanish Fly getting high THC

You never heard my shit before

Just bob your head and listen

Now Maniac from Diego town just mobbin on a mision

Rollin hella deep better watch as we creep

You'll catch Low Pro at the Wharehouse or the Swaptmeet

Bump it in your car as you role down the boulavard

Watch the cops try to trip and catch me

Fuck that it's hella hard, you know

Forever busted, empty my clip for every gun

And everybody and their momma's runnin

So don't even trip Ese

That's how we do it on the streets

I play to win and I'll say it again

Now pour another cup of gin

Mix it wit some juice

What the fuck you pullin out on me a duece duece

Fuck that

[O.G. Spanish Fly: Talkin]

What's up Ese

It's that vato O.G. Spanish Fly

A.K.A Maniac for those who don't know

Gang Bangin in this mothafucka for the 2000

You know

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