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OG Maco - Night Like This (Remix) lyrics

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Feat. Wiz Khalifa


On the night like this, how knows what we sipping on

On the night like this, over the clouds we were hitting strong

On the night like this, we open up our hands as we get the song

On the night like this x2


We the type ho get live

Fire in the lungs and just smoking on

Have you ever face a zip

Rolling on the joint, house want me dead

As curbing if you think I’m playing

Cush club hobbit, what the fuck you sayin?

Just as I say ain’t nothing like the business

The blunt is all a blunt and I just come and play it

Complaining never beat it and never make it all that worst

Never ever be on fast line

In the challenge and just banging in case

All for and we just screaming out



On a night like this

I just try to have all the fuckign phone

On a night like this I ain’t try to argue wih my baby mama

Got my phone off

I’m in my zone x 2

If you ain’t telling , I don’t know you

I won’t stuck your Instagram

No , I ain’t try to be your man

No, guess some pussy on a night like this

Turn up on a night like this


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