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OG Maco - Movies lyrics

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(Hook x2)

Woah damn, how we living just like watching movies

Woah wow, way 2 stupid now we pick and choose it

Drink, loud combination got me feeling woozy

Oh wow, how we living just like watching movies


East wood my viewpoint, dirty everet cuz ya just get it in

Extra bitches bringing extra fans

So I'm fucking twins just by accident

The shit is easy no laxative

Less of me like an accident faucet

Bet on me like I'm playing homies

Aimin' high like I'm planning domies

Money coming even in a coma

Malasian trappers always in the corners

The stupid J's they the realest on us

Catching clothes feeling like pneumonia

Trenches hoes if ya want to struggle

Teach yo son help him live betta

Dirty bottles and they still coming

Pour them all and make the flo' wetter, yeah

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2)

I am legend, but I'm not alone

Space Jam, we monstars

All these shows for a new car

All this gas just for one car?

Feel like Kill Bill all these states around me

Luckily those are not my niggas

Ocean 12, I be plottin' piffer

Now they in a pickle got the sour face

Couple drinks, got a hard taste

Said fuck a nigga win the cupcakes

Peter selling dreams out the pad

Fuck around and got him out the hood

Fuck the dude, used to be the man

Peter's burner's looking like a book

Let this happen ya ain't got to worry

Bitches how the fuck ya want a lease from me

(Hook x2)

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