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OG Maco - Mirror Mirror lyrics

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It's bout time, as yo view go behind

I gotta bright mind, solar fan when I shine

When that shin bigs, I find a bitch who'll recline

In due time, I'll be breakin' her spine

And meantime, I'll be breakin' yo mind

Thrill carpe diem, cop the denim

Just to go and put the brand on

Out the Beetle feature

People just go in and don't forget to put yo mans on

How we eatin', _______________________(?)

Need some titty bacon, make some prime cuts

Chasin' beefer, y'all just sayn 'damn'!

Proper plannin' got me plottin' lambs

All mature, so it's 'fuck the bull'

They ain't for us, then it's fuck the rules!

Whoeva want 'em be whoeva let em

Louie app, almost so pathetic

Replacin' the rims just to get percentage

Shock the critic feelin', why ya so illiterate?

Dealers of feelins, basic logic and it really hurt talkin'

This roof is toppin', and my city walkin'

'member Possa? A dozen pills, times that purple ocean

Well, I got ______(?), hustle lotion

______(?) is pain, got lost to pun the pain in motion

Not faded, not, but my nigga you nuffy(?!)

Oh, you caught in, my nigga, you _____(?)

(Hook x4)

Mirror Mirror Mirror on the wall

OG Mac can teach ya how to ball

Mirror Mirror tell 'em how it go

Keep it 100 and get the dough (YEAH-AH!)

(Verse 2)

Young nigga with the trigger

Got a friend who's gettin' figures

Hit[heat ;D] licks in the winter

Want some dick, shout

And the cash throw it in

Gotta make some more ends

So the stack gettin' bigger

I'm on bodies and drugs, yeah!

Hit 'em with the remix

On some G shit, that's some swag shit

Had to treat this, Might get the niggas one hit

But fuck it!

Everyday I gotta win it, put out for my niggas

And if my niggas wanna win, they betta get the wiggin'

We hit the nation(?!) with concentration

On the mic, talkin' this confirmation

So finesse quick, no hesitation

Ain't even cashed out, bitch, yo!

Heard ya wanna live, you want the crib

You want the car, don't even trip!

Cuz once you start, you only climb

No declines, so get yo shine!

Yeah, cuz it's the time to get up on

And best believe, ya heard it, chump

Ya got that shit from Kushy Stash______(?)

And best believe I taught you how to ball

(Hook x2)

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