OG Maco

OG Maco - Lit lyrics

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(Prod. by JakeGoesDigital)

Ft. Cam Sheely & Quavo


She wanna

She wanna

She wanna pour some

She wanna roll some

We with the shits

She wanna

(Hook x4)

She wanna pour some

She wanna roll some

We with the shits

It's time to get lit


She wanna pop a bottle

She takin' pictures naked

Now she flexin' and tellin'

These niggas she model (goddamn)

I wanna see her get naked and see by the preface

Like girl, do you spit or swallow

I got some gas, I do not smoke in no raw

But it's here if you fall through

Bet one wrote backwards for backshots

Hurry up, princess, I have none

I got the country on smash now

We gettin' lit like a bonfire

Yo nigga the type that I might hire

Tell 'im we havin' a fi-fi and he need some money

Go pass out the damn fliers

We givin' betta nights

We makin' sweat it out

We watch you make out with best friends

And leave while you pass out on dirty couch

It's time to fuck it up

It's time to pop out the dumb beat

I'm takin' yo phone, so when you take snaps

They won't see me fuckin' secondly

You with the winner's bitch

It's time to get lit

(Hook x4)

(Verse 2: Cam Sheely)

She just rolled ova like ATNT

And said to me, "Cam, let me tell you my dreams"

Funny she just started strippin' them dreams

And I fucked with her tho she remind me of me

Man, she only 19, but that ass 23

Same name as my momma, goddamn, man

Her birthday is 10.17

How lit is that, man, that's too lit for me

She neva buy weed, she get it for free

She get in for free, after she got in for free

Went and got in for free went and got her a drink

While she waitin' on me

Post a pic on IG, and tag me in it so everyone sees

Then I woke from my sleep and said "back to your dreams"

I'm sorry, last night was just 2 a la tea

(Hook x4)

(Verse 3: Quavo)

100 racks on me, no flex

She only fuck with my check

I'm livin' life on a jet

My nigga down for respect

I'm livin' life like there is no tomorrow

My nigga, I came from the bottom

Oh, I ain't even have a dolla

Now I got bitch that wanna suck and swallow

Told her mama she would never seen a fish there before

When I was a young nigga, I had to trap an L

Told my mama I would never let the money take my soul

Just a young nigga, I'm having birds singing like Nat King Cole

I pull the string like a nigga play rock'n'roll

I neva eva made the honor roll, look at your bitch, she so vulnerable

My life is so serious, not comical

I eat my opponent like cannibals

Fans watchin' me like _____(?)

(Hook x4)

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