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OG Maco - I Am Not Perfect lyrics

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Show must go on

One monkey neva stopped no fucking show




New McLaren veggie, pain created wisdom

All this game I give can hep create a betta system

We're just flight assistants, legends make a mighty difference

Ferrari Spider, picture the dealers tryna add the fixes

I'm the best, gettin' bar _____(?!) so dismissive

On a monster's mission, haters like that garlam creature

Victory is short distance, millimeter, neva inches

Took my pot to piss in, whipped it till it changed consistence

Fo'eva stay persistent just to make my haters feel it

Big bundle and the skinny soda pockets fitted

Mommy got drugs in the titties, hope they don't search you

Heard a nigga talkin' reckless, she like don't hurt him!


I am not perfect, hits comin' back to back like the trap servin'

Think below the surface, I was out here workin' now I'm out here winnin'

Live from the trenches, feelin' like a war victim

(Verse 2)

Audi A7, perfect time to get it

Niggas try to chuck my city, it's like they're playin' Disqus

I neva falter, slightly alter, but the same description

Countin' digits from the scale, mailin' classic pictures

In my last minute, figured that I'd pass winnin'

I just pass niggas, after image leave 'em frenzy

Tryna make a mark 5 doin' monkey shit

Wet sign gettin' cover, but I neva slept

South Side when they burned us and we neva did

Know some young'ns lost their lives before they eva lived it

Revolution take a leader, but I ain't no fuckin' pilgrim(!?)

If that cause you kill 'em, just get ready for that sentence

We don't do codefendants, trust in God and knock these niggas

(Hook x2)

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