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OG Maco - How You Say lyrics

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Feat. Quavo


How you say that you real but you never in a field

How you say? X 2

How you say you getting 0-s

You the only one that chose,

How you say? X 2

How you say you a boss but can’t take no days off

How you say? X 2

How you say you live life but you never movin’ right

How you say? X 2

(Verse: Quavo)

You probably tell her everythin’

She told me everythin’

I mean everythin’

How you say?

These niggas actresses

They pussy on plastic, all the deception

They just do the flexin’

No stronger then rustles

Your bitch came on alley

No snichin’ my message

It’s on for the niggas who never catch weapons

But I want aggression

Got issue aggressive, that’s why niggas gonna hate you, gonna hate you

You really can’t stress it

She silly, go for it, she loved it, I never do no shit

You murder the extra

Say that he famous

You know I’m the guy, you got it

Say that you on top of the city

Every fucker is blowin and mess all

But leavin’ these bros confuse

You got ragon the streets

But never pay dues

You call her a tend but the bitch it’s just some tunes

She had the twins, that can be a boom

I never speak to you,

You chosin’, you losin’, you callin’ the boot

Double up, you got to double down

Double cop and my drowns

This the trigger on the phone call

How you sayin that you let it spread, had to lay it down

Double up, you got to double down

Double cop and my drowns



How you say uyou are a boss but you never took a loose anyway?

How you say? X 2


How you say that you trapin’, you don’t have costumes to serve every day

No, x 3

Forgy hungers on the high way

Cuevors leadin’ my high way

I had to kick out the condo

To the back of the buss like Audrey

3 thousand, I’m deppin’ and Sosa

And I need to pull up as an analog

Money ballin’

Walkin and I get the car from the mallage

Dancin’ and all they move in silence

That’s why I hit ‘em with the silence now

Cuevo time in gun dealer

I make her wap up and get reall of her

I spill and lead all my teacher and fall

I take off and get farther, show off the birth

You tellin’ me that you’ve been on field

But you none of shutters fake stick on


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