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OG Maco - Homies lyrics

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OGG, New Money Gang

It's OG Mac, yeah!


When you got nothing but your homies

You know it's nothing, blow a couple thou'

When you got nothing but your homies

They can't say nothing if they wasn't round

I might just spend it all with my homies

Yeah! I might just spend it all with my homies


I'm all in, told 'em and did it right after

Life's a beast and I'm a master, smokin' OG backwards

Buckin' buddy's nothing, build our legend faster

Me and my homies was muggin' busses, bust it true for cheddar

Young's tryna live betta, they want try the lettuce(?!)

You don't wanna bed us, we're takin' all comas

Havin' 100s, wantin' millions, stacked two dealies cuz my hammers stack

Poker facin' all the time, yeah

Back to the wall, I'mma kill ya!

I'm makin' multiple withdrawals with some extra commas

I'm comin' now, I'll hunt ya

Panther in the jungle, wolf in the tundra

Everybody knows ya till the time's bad

Me and the gang survived everything but Bagdad

And Escalades from 'em taxi cabs

Them escapades brought us plenty cash


(Verse 2)

No nigga's free when they see who the real, they know me

I fuck with OG my brotha, but don't fuck with Hamma(?!)

I'm in that Phantom all black and I feel like I got armor

I'm in that Phantom all black, man, I know that they're after me

In the Phantom with a ______(?) on me, know that it stay on me

We can stay out the street, we can fuck up the week

Lawd bless us if they eva catch us

100 rounds sprayin' out the Tesla

Love bless a nigga, moral lesson

Lawd knows I was sellin' hella

Sellin' H had got me livin' betta

Livin' betta, fuckin' all this cheddar

Ain't no telling favorite where ________(?)

Og poppin' on the ride to deli(?!)

On an island, countin' up the winnings

Made a million outta how I'm livin'

What's a million when unite yo niggas?


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