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OG Maco - Get Down lyrics

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I have a few present questions

About human regression

Why niggaz wanna be in regression?

And why they just wanna be victims?

When everyone is aware that these niggaz killin’

Why people who never hustle

Are lifted by double lyric?

What lyrics mean to most of all contries’ people?

And how our money supply can’t exist to our naked eye

Marijuana illegal

But the poison makes you die

Welcome to America

All you need is a tie

Why does whatever sound like a lie?

Why our country is so opposed to the biggest one?

Why we scream peace so much?

But we carry the biggest gun

The second fo introspection

You’ve seen the lies we neglectin’

And Muslims, Catholics, Protestants spend most of their time protestin'

Each other for minor details that slightly vary religions

They creatin' hate and watch it grow like legions

Why do we pledge allegiance,?

But as soon as they think we sneakin'

It's guilty 'til proven innocent

Fuck all them

We don’t need them

I saw my people get down

I tell my people get down

I said who would like to party?

Fuck everything

Get down

Get down

And age of determination by the nomination

A construction by the induction of ignorance

To ask you to get down

Means oppressive laws

You know how to lie and how to be fair

For it’s a promise land

You’ve seen us sippin’ dreams

And for that we bleed and live and sin

Forever yours

Get down my king

Get down

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