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OG Maco - Championship lyrics

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This a championship, this a championship

This a championship, this a championship (x2)

I got sick dreams, I got sick dreams

I got sick dreams, I got sick dreams

Bitch, come sit in my whip

I got foreign wheels, my eyes go dream

This a championship, this a championship


I'm a champion, legend like Muhammad Ali

Flippin' the money like Tony _____(?)

Didn't see it comin', got a disguise

Got me lookin' through the scope like I'm a pilot

Government talkin' bout stoppin' the violence

They slavin' our people, we start up a riot

Presided my feature like I was a mayan

In the jungle, got the heart of a lion

Investigation, niggas snitchin', they lyin'

End up an ark like I was Noah

Typin' too breeze like Balboa

Finnessin' niggas, movin' influent

Real trappers hoppin' out the Porsche

All this pain, I got scars to 'em

Got the game in a lock like a ________(?)

You say you a champ, what ya did it for?

I told my momma go and get the Porsche

Out there yellin', ya didn't know yo voice is hoarse

But I listen to it, it was in my chords

All these haters around me, I just ignore 'em

I go to the ______(?), the guineasaurus

Don't fall in love even tho pussy moist

She bitchin' apples, that's the reason fo' it


(Verse 2)

It's a championship, out here down in Reno

More like Steve Montana, speakin' on my MO

Consistent, Tom Brady, rookie want some riches

I will go to disses and buy free night interests

Hell yea! Trophy motors and the plan motion

Real wolfin', ______(?) my father

She ain't shittin', it's a water clappin'

Neva fluke, I neva eat live ______(?)

She turns to ______(?), she just want a daddy

I'm supa focused with a lack of adage

Old timers like diamonds, the candy _____(?)

Just go to my chest, screamin' fuck the badges!

Our city go wid it, we dope, the savages

Breakin' the game, screamin' fuck the damages

Hoodlum doin' my biz like _____(?)

Red wings how we get 'em steak

It's fire on me, but it ain't no big

I'm really tired and I neva lose

Achievin' defeated, they hard to chose

I come from a city where stats matter

Team dependent like the ninth battle


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