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OG Maco - Bless Me lyrics

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I'm on the penthouse floor, but I've been here before

When I was dreamin' about a cover shoot, wit' covas on floor

I mean they thought they pick a lot to do, like we had to roll

I'm just shootin' this shit wit' God, like they think it was hulk

Sprayin' blessings in all directions, like they think I'm the pope

I'm on the world tour, wit' Migos the fam

After each and every show, a couple dykes in the van

Hey I'm workin' to be a leader, can we try and command?!

(Bless me!)

Man, I know that God gon' test me, went at a high cost, got a life invested

(Bless me!)

Man, I know 'em broads gon' test me, fuck her and leave 'er lost

Got a life all hectic

(Outro x8)

Bless me

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