OFFSPRING - Jeniffer Lost The Day

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Jennifer lost the war today

You'll find her burned and raped

Through it all

She must have wondered

What have I done

But nobody really cares today

The world's a busy place

Guess she must have realy sinned

I guess we're all just soldiers

She was only six years old

Left to die by strangers

Her family waits

And if we're all just soldiers

Is it so wrong to be afraid

Phoebe lost the war today

There must be some mistake

Say it happens all the time

And it's said and done

Little Miss 15 65 Your soul remains unclaimed

Guess you must have realy sinned

Morality won't help herWhen she lies silent in a morgue

And all our sorrows left her

But the morning headlines

Even say that it's a shame

What are we headin' for

Seen it all before

Silent on the ground

As he's walking away

And I wonder how many more

Everybody take it

Like its nothing at all

Jennifer lost the war

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