Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men - Backyard (Bonus Track)

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I live the life I want

Hold me down x 2

I live the life of lettin’ go

Until the starling high

I rap myself and fence cheating lies

I’ve had the start of crystallize


Funny in the backyard x 2

In the dark

Funny in the backyard x 2

(Pre Chorus)

Cuz you callin’ me clear,

What you, what you waitin’ for?

Yeah you callin’ me clear,

Now what you waitin’ for?


See how my mind’s tired

From blow to black

From white to gray

I’m burned in the broken one

The drops illuminate and evaporate into me so late

I’mma be stand the vicious one

(Chorus) + (Pre Chorus x 2)

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