ODD SQUAD - Your P 's Like Dope

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Your pussy's like dope


You're pussy's like dope


What's up baby

I'm just sittin here eatin this tunafish sandwich

something just told me to write you a letter

tellin you how good that pussy is

and yo, I appreciate it

Check it out

Roses are red, dookie is green

Yo pussy's like dope, girl, I geek and I fiend

I wake up in the mornin with my dick brick-hard

Awakened by the sound of the way yo pussy farts

I get up, I start takin shit to the pawn shop

So I can rent a room and we can fuck like non-stop

Cause when I start, it's hard to finish

One nut just ain't enough, I got to stick my dick back in it

Run up in that pussy like a fullback

Those pussy lips of yours, they grip my dickhead and pull back

It's like dope cause when I'm through strokin

My eyes are wide open, my friends think I'm smokin

I try to call you at your house, if you ain't home, then I'll beep

I gets no sleep cause I geek

And if I lose your beeper number, I get nervous, girl, I just can't cope

Bitch, yo pussy's like dope

(Hey homie, you got to get a grip, man

On the real, man

Damn, gotta snap out of it

Man, but anyway, what make that bitch pussy so much better than everybody else's?

Pussy is pussy, man)

Man, I used to fuck with hoes in Hawaii, bitches in Nebraska

I even got some cold wet pussy in Alaska

Fucked them sharp-chinned, pointed-nosed, long-legged white whores

And other colored pussies but there's still none like yours

I gots to have it, it's my goddamn drug

Them shiny hairs on your pussy's like a bearskin rug

Makes me give you money, I take you out to dinner

No joke, I 'm goin broke just to keep my dick up in ya

But shhh - dont tell everybody about it

Cause it's mine and I wanna be the only one that's got it

You call me up, you know I just come and scoop fast

And get my pipe just right, so I can get me a blast

It's like dope, I wouldn't stop if I could

Cause that pussy is warm and it's deep and it's good

It's got me lyin and stealin, now I'm feelin that there's just no hope

Bitch, yo pussy's like dope

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