ODD SQUAD - Put Cha Lips

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Oh you funky bitch, why don't you come on, come on

And put your lips on my dick, it ain't nothin wrong

[Rob Quest]

I got a mad fly girl who's truly legit

But it's just one thing, money, she won't suck dick

She gets intimidated, says it makes her feel weak

But it's somethin about them Gary Coleman cheeks

So I'm comin to you, gal, since I'm a man and all that

Every time I ask for neck work I get the lip smack

So ah... should I eat her cat?

Nah... or should I throw that hoe back?

Yeah, word to life, I'm sick and tired of playin school girl games

They ( ? ) like it's nasty, actin all ashamed

Instead just put it up to your lips and just try it

You never know, honey dip, you might like it

Instead of frownin and hissin and hesitatin

With all of that waitin I'ma end up masturbatin

So just squash that scenario from yo mind

In our relationship it's about that time

And I won't call you a tramp or a hoe slut bitch

So put your lips on my diggedy-diggedy-diggedy-diggedy-dick



You say you never did it before, hey yo, just sit back and chill

Put on some lipstick and hoe, go brush your teeth if you will

Your mouth might get dry, so I suggest you get some water

You can be takin off my drawers as I cue the tape recorder

Move gently with your tongue with a vertical glide

Lick the head, the neck and the nuts, bitch, on both sides

Oh, I'm bout to nut, so hoe, get ready to slurp

Did you catch it? (Mh-hm) Okay, now swallow and burp

Don't leave a purp or a slob on my nuts, what the fuck?

Go get some soap and a rag, bitch, and clean the shit up

And when you're finished wipin my dick off

Turn to channel 20, it's the Oilers, I don't wanna miss the kick-off

And bitch, go wipe your face, your lips look like a glazed donut

But at half time I wanna bust bout four nuts

You don't have to worry cause I nut kinda quick

And I'll keep pushin and gushin as long as you keep puttin your lips on my


[female rapper]

Now put my lips on your dick? Get serious

Why don't you hoes rub your nose on my clitoris?

My pussy's kinda hairy and my pussy's kinda loose

So go and get a straw, so you can suck my pussy juice

Let me tell you big black, I ain't to be tramped on

Make you eat my pussy, then I put back in my tampons

You muthafuckas know I'm on a head-kinda trip

You gotta have fun ( ? ) before you get my lips

Once your ass pay, then the dick's in my face

I take it real deep throat like ( ? )

Don't say shit, just pull it out quick

Let me lick, lick, lick on your big fat dick

If you wanna make me nut, stick your finger in my butt

You can call me dirty south, I lick your dick AND yo nuts

But I gots to get paid, so how much do I get?

(Well here's a dollar, bitch, and thanks for puttin your lips on my dick)


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