ODD SQUAD - Here To Say A Lil' Somethin'

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Well, it's me, that nigga D from the Odd Squad

Lettin you bitches know that we've been workin hard

We been puttin our hands together tryin to work hard on it

Cookin up a pot of soul, grab a bowl if you want it

Shit, we took our time but it'll pay off at the end

Get all the money and all the hoes that we can stick our dicks in

You got Jugg Mugg, Devin, Rob M-a-c

Give us $15, you got a fat CD

But don't depend on the radio cause all they play

Is DJ Snotty Nose and MC Don't-Know-What-To-Say

And when we hear they shit, man, we laugh at them hoes

They musta got off the pipe but they started smokin mo's

You need to get with the new crew and that's the O-double

D down with the G.B. 'makin trouble'

It took us a while to come out, but bitch

We wasn't frontin, we here to tell you a lil' somethin

[DJ Styles cuts up]


(Ain't here for no frontin

just to say a little somethin)

[Rob Quest]

Kniggedy-knock-knock-knock upon the door, don't ask who is it

It's them niggas from the Squad here to pay a fuckin visit

And I'm gonna thrust my vocal pon this fat track

I got the knack to make an old crippled white man rap black

Ugh, so give me some dap if you heard somethin that you liked

All I need is an EPS and a mic

What do I have to do to make you see the vivid picture?

I keep you full like a Timmy Chan wing dinner

Swingin these rhymes on a Texas style tip, trick

Fuckin these hoes with the Texas-sized dick

Another hit from the fly one

Lookin for a better nigga, you can't find one

I have a beat quicker than you can get the rhyme done

But you better have my muthafuckin papes straight soon as I'm done

And that's comin from the heart

Peace to them niggas from the Bone Hard [?]

And this is dedicated to my crew

And big black ass [Name] forgot about you, fool

Tighter than panty hoes that's three sizes too small

Here's the beeper number, bitch, so you can give a nigga a call

And I'm Audi like Five Star rims

DJ Styles, get on the cut and won't you tell em

[DJ Styles cuts up]


(Ain't here for no frontin

Just to say a little somethin)

[Jugg Mugg]

On yeah, we're new on the set but not considered as new jacks

A long time comin, now we're puttin it in your back

Before we couldn't come out with a dope-ass track

A nigga couldn't wait to slap this bitch on wax

I'm here to say to all the rap musicians

The Squad's in the house here to claim our positions

Because we're Odd, yes hard

I pack a .357, so there's no need for a bodyguard

Kickin the funky skills that we know'll make your head bob

Just some potent muthafuckas outta Rap-A-Lot

So put the tape in, I bet you say it's bumpin

Cause it's about time that we told ya hoes somethin

[DJ Styles cuts up]

[Slick Rick]

(So listen to what we say)

(Listen muthafuckas)

(Just to say a little somethin)

(So listen to what we say)

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