ODD SQUAD - Da Squad

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[Rob Quest]

Rollin in my man's white 'Lac with a 40oz of brew

Smokin on some herb, trackin down fools

And everything's alright cause this party is live

Damn skippy, I'ma do it like this to the day I die (Odd Squad!)

But on the real, I thought you knew, hoe

I gots the Mad Flava with a touch of that Gumbo

Ill freakin the funk every goddamn week

So watch me bang-bang boogie to this funky beat

Rob hits this track like a dime bag of weed [?]

Yeah, I can't believe them niggas up on the ave that tried to get with the

Q to the u to the e-s-t

Down with the O-double to the muthafuckin d

It's like that and it always will

For them niggas who talk that shit, you hoes ain't never seen skills

This ain't no gang or a crew or a high-cappin clique

No combat boots or baggy pants, dreadlocks - none of that shit

So let me hear it one time for the Coughee Brothers (yeah)

Peace to my homies and moms duke, yeah, much love to ya

And one more thing before I'm out

I'm here to let you niggas know I'm down with the Squad

[Jugg Mugg]

Well it's the nigga they call the Jugg from the Squad kickin it Odd, shit

You taste it first so that mean you got to pause it

Just a group of real g's who makes you buckle to your knees

I'm pullin swisher sweets from my sleeves

Stuffin it full of coughee every day for the fun of it

I love to clock the paper, get the pussy and get blunted

So listen to the nigga they call the J to the u to the double g

Chillin with these niggas I call my family

That's my brother D who writes the lyrics about the pussy

Next to me is C-Ray with the spliff, now pass it to me

That's my brother Rob Mac who makes the funky fat track

And hey Chris, P-Black who watches a nigga back

And we're the Coughee Brothers, just some down muthafuckas

Whoever possess the sess, yo, we share it with each other

It's like that y'all (that y'all) it's like that y'all (that y'all)

And today I got the dime and it's fat y'all (fat y'all)

I'm with the Squad


Well it's the Odd Squad, Jugg Mugg, Devin and Rob

And we're steady gettin drunk on the job

Everybody might know us for smokin that weed and feelin fine

Gettin full, drinkin Bull, buyin dime after dime but it's time

Cause hell, we been writin rhymes since '89

Tell em y'all (yeah, you know we ain't lyin)

But some people say we cuss too much and that is not the way to go

Tellin us to make the album strictly for the radio

But yeah-heh, this just ain't no comedy act

Just some brothers with rubbers stickin they dick in your back

Bitch and don't get offended when there's a different dick in your mouth

Every thirty minutes when you're fuckin with the Squad

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