O.c. - Your Life

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(feat. U NAST, ?Nevaha?)


Uhh, uhh

Yeah, yeah

Hah, hah

U NAST and O.C.

O.C. and U NAST

Yeah, yeah

Medina style, y'know?

Commitin crimes with the rhymes, always on time

Lampin on the Island with a honey that's a dime

Sippin on wine, escapin New York life

Fleein the inner city streets for a little paradise

I rent a villa on the beach on the lam

like a killer chillin, but I'm not a villain

Feelin effects of the Mai-Tai and the weed U NAST

copped from the rastas, gettin, high as the climate

Designer drug dosage, raps I spit

be ferocious, quote it like Confucious

Thick like mucus in the membrane, penetrate like Ben-Gay

On the mic motherfuckers call me Sensei

Cluster, illustrious like a carat that I got

from the District, bust rhymes like a biscuit

Mister, Oh pronunciated with the Cee

Mesmerizing chicks from New York to gay Paris

[Chorus: O.C.]

I never knew that my life it could be so hard

Whatsamatter with your life?

Gotta get yourself together, and make things right y'know

Whatsamatter with your world?


General Monk mong style U NAST I get wild

Chase you two thousand two hundred miles outside of town

Yo Oh hold it down (no doubt) at the rate that sound travel

My team'll have you caught from a smokin barrel

Dead or paralyzed, my mack parallel lines

is my rhymes, the shit I design

You and I burst, I verse, draw last die first

Time to realize you're fuckin with the worst

and it gets no better than the twenty-first letter

Can't a man on the planet stop the God from gettin cheddar


Yeah, uhh

Yeah, yeah

Whatsamatter with your world?

We in the mix like this, drink Henn (pop Crist)

Warmin up another verse (yo Son I got this)


Watch this how I rock shit, lock shit

Six hundred Coupe chop shop shit, ?be gafe rop chop shit?


Hey I like spike mics like football punts

Man I do this on the real yo this shit ain't no front


No illusions, I want the absence of confusion


And if I can't get it I'ma start a revolution


Yeah, know what I'm sayin?

Everything that glitters ain't gold

And when I seem I'm at my tightest that's when I lose control

But right now, me and Oh, we gonna show you how it is back at home


So what's the deal people, how y'all, it's ?Nevaha?

Caught a little drama back in South Carolina

Caught up in some bullshit a half a brick thick

Me and these three cats and this one sneaky bitch

Called up wifey, "Mama, I need bail

Don't tell Mama Dukes tell I get out jail"

Airplane ticket, get the loot, move your tail

Now it's back to the drawin boards, my plans fail

Couple weeks later, here comes wifey's birthday

You're turnin twenty-four, it's a glorious day

Showed you all my plans down to X on the map

Ten days after that you lied dead on my lap

I seen my whole world diminish in just, two minutes

Where I thought our life was startin off, yours just finished

Now I'm home at night, holdin down our seed

Tears rollin down my face while I steam these trees

It's a must that I bust cause I must succeed

I'm the strongest out my breed so I provide what Mia needs


Whatsamatter with your world?



Yeah... co-signing on my nigga trial, shit got wild

He caught a case for a body and a pist-al, shit's foul

Cats run they mouth a mile a minute like bitches

Instead of holdin it down, niggaz turn snitches

Stressed like FUCK and you could see it in my face

I was, goin through problems with my shorty plus thinkin

bout my man ?Nevaha?, politickin with his Ma Dukes

Strugglin to scrape up cake, for his court date

I felt like shit, I didn't come through

Blue skies turned gray so I proceed to pray

It ain't workin, the whole situation's uncertain

Rent's overdue, bills pilin like curtains

Bitches on my back, this chick named Cat

was on my side til I got wise and opened up my eyes

Bad luck for this life I hail, I say

Whatsamatter with my world?

[Chorus: repeat to fade]

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