O.c. - You And Yours

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Yeah, dedicated to you and yours

OC phenomenon


Here goes a little somethin', for you and your mans

Dedicated to you and yours, from me and my fam

Living life to the limit with the world in my hand

I got nothin' but love for ya main man

Yo, yo, yo, with this here shit, I freak it like a wiz

And uh, lace the track like my nigga Showbiz

I'm uh, kinda sore with the microphone, pah no doubt

OC gon' turn it on out

Yes uh, follow me now if you didn't follow before

How shall I attend to ascend this raw

You pull up to a light, knockin' my hits, flickin' your Bic

Gold chain thick, to the chicks, lickin' your lips

They hop on it, to my cassette like a cock

They feenin' for what I give like puffin' a rock

?????, food for thought like my nigga A.G.

Givin' NYC, nigga I live in it

Let's go, mess no, rhyme I bless the flow

Dippin' with UNI, swerve, control the Lex though

Boppin' with Jigga, droppin' jewels to beats

Then I bounce and ghost ride with my main man Sweets

He can wax a nigga


As sure as my name is OC, I hold much testosterone

And serve like hors d'ouevers

I'm maximum, human saxophone

You respect what I'm saying like Al Capone

You crumb bubble gum rappers I chew

Blow you up, spit you out like food without seasonin', you got no taste

Yo OG, who could solo with me?

These kids be half grown

I'm an adult, seen it all

I'm forced to show VI's can duck proper

My ways and actions, far from an imposter

Shine like bright light

Your worst nightmare like Fright Night

Comin' to you live like a fight night

Must you steal the way I drop bars on this?

Perfection at it's best, I'm marvelous

Applaud me you better, I ???? to get a response

Control shit at the snap of a finger like I'm the Fonz

Fella whattup?


You say it ain't so, how I freak the flow

Joey Crack type shit nigga, blow for blow

Big G, Dog Tag Crew holdin' it down

Cousin Boo will make a U and bust shots at you

You see, it's my world, or like so it seems

Chillin' with Prim, dippin' on the highway in a Beem

And it's a wonderful day, just coolin' one night

Celebratin' a par-tay with a nigga named "Life"

We twisted, kid you missed it

At a down low spot, Champagne poppin' off like a biscuit

Nuff love, word life, I'm high tonight

No brawls or fights, just men, no mice

Indecisive about things in life alone

So sometimes I speak in a hyper tone

See I won't neglect this, nor can you deny

Renassaince man, make it live, the fly guy

Respect me like a Kennedy, acknowledge my identity

O's like a cure, I'm the source, the remedy

You know it


I got nothin' but love for the DITC

I got nothin' but love for the Rockafella, Jay-Z

I got nothin' but love for the Wastelands Family

I got nothin' but love for the Mr. Cheeks and LB'

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