O.c. - Utmost

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Yo - I hold the keys to the fountain of youth

Plus keys to a double-R 4 point 6 dick

Still in the mix, still up to old tricks up in the club

Gettin twisted, throwin down shots of the poison

Poppin off bottles like boilers

V.I.P. reserved for the crew club on the spoilers

Massive respect we get, nuttin less

We hold power in the place when they see our face

We try to stay low pro' but it's im-possible

We look at ourselves as norm yet, others see a glow

Familiar faces - we live niggaz not players

Look cash in our pockets in layers like ballplayers

Naysayers hatin from the sideline, get a life

Shouldn't, be in the spot if your shit ain't tight

False advertisin ain't us, we stay risin

D.I.T.C. dot com enterprises

[Chorus: O.C.]

I'm livin life to the utmost, y'know?

I wouldn't trade it in for nuttin else, knahmsayin?

I'm exactly who I am, no if's, no and's

"No can do" ain't in my vocabulary


I, set it in motion, voicebox locked in position

to do my thing, O.C. I run things

Youngest of my siblings, I'm God's gift to the opposite sex

Won't take no for an answer

I'm spoiled like that, your highness, one of New York's finest

And I'm not talkin about Jake, let's roleplay

I'm Diallo, 16 shots from my barrel

Plainclothes style, authentic street apparel

Slim figure, nickname Mush to my niggaz

When I'm in England call me Erick Von Sipper

Sippin on Don with Prince Andrew at the palace

He diggin my style with the chicks, I show prowess

When I'm in Denmark, I spark with the Duke

Run a train on the Duchess, let my nuts hang loose

My shine be devine, toes they gold too

Who's fuckin with O, y'all niggaz like juevo soup

[Chorus x2]


See I - tote guns when I gotta stack funds

When them niggaz rap funds be, longer than the Mississippi River

Passion for the women, action's what I give 'em

What's my name.. nigga? Yo

What I spark in the dark, any type of remark

I bring forth from the side of my hand, make sure

When I spit gems it's no cracks, no flaws

Only crack I'd rather is a ass wearin a thong from

.. Miami to San Juan

to Rio, De Janeiro, to Spain and then some

Slummin degrees with chicks that I met from Belize

Sanjy, Angie, Rhonda, Big Tez, Charise

I'm not lyin y'all, it's the life I know

And if I lie my nose will grow

I'm not biased to the fact I went plat' over gold

Cause when in Rome that's a whole 'nother song

Gettin head on the Leanin Tower of Pisa from an Italian diva

Sippin fresh wine from crushed grapes

She greet a nigga like, royalty, with the utmost loyalty

Run a bubble bath, wash me and just spoil me

[Chorus x2]

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