O.c. - The Chosen One

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Echoes in the halls yes, when I arrive on the set - what?

Blessin all that came to see me rock my cut

Such a man like me receivin attention must be chosen

like a bangin body chickenhead, posin for a flick

Flashbulbs poppin in the air

Floatin the stage, I'm movin like a black Fred Astaire - smooth

The momentum of the bass and treble, levels on point

Bonus to ride, the microphone

it's O.C. slash, Mush shine communicatin for the masses

Puttin my finger against NASA

When I die, bronze my mic, preserve it for newcomers

to visit my gravesite like a shrine

Rappers'll line up faithfully, just to get

a handful of dirt from the plot occupied by


The Chosen One, beyond the Moet and the Cristal

The Son of a King and a Queen, I'm a gifted child

All bow to me like the image of God, Supreme Being

Get you to the eyes worth seeing

Influenced; but not by the ancient ruins of rap

A large percent of y'all fell into a trap

Trendsetter share with y'all a veteran's nightmare

Not for you to follow it but try and stand clear, bust it

Bein intelligent, means you a sucka

Bein wild as hell, means you a smart motherfucker WRONG

Analyze songs nowadays

Most rappers gunsprayed or hustled from night to day - fiction

I deciphered lots of rhymes, only to find

false info, just to see what it meant to Oh

Not for-real; no skill MC's

Mostly all under twenty, and I find it funny

That's why the seed was born to lead assume

positions like Noah, all aboard the arc with

[Chorus: x2]

I'm comin from an Egyptian Mola story, rarely told

Back in the mix of things to break the mold

Good as gold mind ya leave negative thoughts behind ya

Type of how I'm livin be more potency than ganja

Oh Period; when you see my face I'm serious

Move with the mystique of a cheetah, mysterious

Dominate jungles when I walk the floor rumbles

The baddest motherfuckers - I make their attitudes humble

My aura shine bright like sunlight, in Farenheight temperature

Stylee's, you file these

Most is type of scriptures, follow me is for reference

Other MC's make no kind of sense

Oh freeze foes and bleed souls and leave those stunned

Descended on the planet, you're in confusion

Pick ten, subtract five then, subtract four

Watch the Sun leave a shadow on the man that's raw

I be

[Chorus: x2]

The Chosen One

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