O.c. - Stronjay

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Hey love...


Shopping in the city one day

On my way, met a redbone by the name of Stronjay

Five foot six, body thick, hair silky

She could make the hardest man melt and turn milky

Bugged out shit, one eye was hazel, one was blue

Lips fully packed as my attention stayed glued

Upon her outline, I cased it with my mind

Saying to myself, 'this sugar be a dime'

Yo sugar, let's have a drink, and um, talk some more

Proceed to grab my bag, and then we exit the store

Walking down the street, men is staring with amazement

Treatment something like black ???????????????

Anyhow, the star and me hit a sushi bar

Told her that I never had sushi before

Ordered saki that I already endeavored in Japan

Reached 'cross the table then I grabbed her hand

Why your man let you walk around solo like this?

My chinky eyes looked upon her as I gave her hand a kiss

This most mesmerizing young thing I must say

Echoes in my thoughts since I met you that day


Stronjay, a beautiful thing I must say

Her body got curves like waves in The Bay

Lips light smooth, just like Alize

The bizomb, I couldn't see her blowing my way

Stronjay responds, men only want her cuz she rich

Her beeper start buzzin' so we pullin' out a flip

In the back of my mind, I'm sayin' 'yes, go ???????'

Find a nigga rich in New York's one in a million

She wanted to leave, I said 'Is this the end?'

Then she gave me an invitation back to her crib

I never surprise, I flag a cab, she says 'un uh'

My car's round the block in the parking garage

Got the vehicle, ???? the speed like Batman out of his cave

500 Benz whippin' in the wind

Destination 57 Park Ave. south

Turn my face a little, wipe the slob from my mouth

The building was immaculate inside with marble floors

We hit the elevator, she slips out of her draws

I'm shocked like goodies and I don't know how to take 'em

Titties in my face and like a gun I must face 'em

This most mesmerizing young thing I must say

Echoes in my thoughts since I met you that day


Top floor, penthouse suite for sure

It was classy like some type of fly furniture store

She grabbed me up and intertwined into a kiss with me

I tried taking off my clothes, she assisted me

Upon her fireplace wall is were I pushed her back

Then on the plush floor we fell; passionate collapse

She pushed me off, but the push wasn't mean

To the fridge, and came back with strawberries and whipped cream

The scene is set, but baby not just yet

Cuz strawberries and whipped cream ain't complete without Moet

Foreplay; nibblin' my tongues in the air

Layin flat on her back, I love tappin' on the rear

Nuff time we spent gettin' excited, I'm delighted

Excstasy, I know honey-hun she won't fight it

She stands up, and lead me by my hand, we fled

Into a room with a king size canopy bed

This most mesmerizing young thing I must say

Satisfied O in like each and every way


Hey love....

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