O.c. - Respect Tha Drop

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Blood pulsatin, adrenaline flowin

Full moon at night, on the stoop gettin right

I'll never forget the day before

Son told me to tuck my ice in cause niggaz was triflin

We did what he said but the habit in me

was to show it off, I still let my chain swang free

Not really thinkin 'bout a set up, or even gettin wet up

that summer night from such advice

So I proceed to parlay, like I do in BK

But this wasn't home, and niggaz shoulda known

to stay on point, niggaz shoulda been on point

And the price paid was lookin down the barrel of a joint

We was dead meat, and them niggaz was wolves

But they didn't want our flesh, dem niggaz wanted the jewels

It happened so quick, no time to get afraid

First instinct was to run like a slave

Me and Schoolly Boy was boxed in

My man Hugh's a few feet away, with a pound at his face

I looked, son in his eyes cause I know how he is

While the other faggot nigga had the gun in my ribs

I thought - fuck, shit 'bout to get buckwild

Popped off my chain, threw it with a Coke and a smile

Thinkin leave already, but them niggaz wasn't done

They went in our pockets for change, numbers and bubblegum

Now - how low can a lowlife get, askin what size are my kicks?

Like I'ma say 8 and shit

To myself I was sayin I'ma MURDER this kid

But thank the Lord they didn't peel back my wig

The jux wasn't longer than a minute to Mush

Then them niggaz tried to tell us, do the Carl Lewis

No backshots buddy, I began to walk backwards

And bust my ass, it all happened so fast

He thought I was shot, starin at me in shock

Turned around, them niggaz was gone, vanished up the block

There was no escapin what not

With toasters in your face, maintain and respect the drop

Word up

You hear that?

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