O.c. - Ma Dukes

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[O.C.'s mom sings during the intro and all interludes]


I say one for the fam, two for good judgment

Bad luck to trife, good luck to stay above it

Trial and error, O.C.'s out to sever

your game respect neglect not

You work hard for the revenue instead of on the avenue, babblin

I'd rather be accomplishin, makin moves, travellin

Insight is right on time let's do it

Funk struck again with the disco fluid

I protrude out of your skin like thorns irritatin MC's

cause they don't make, songs like these

Mister - it's the man most lease to excel

long time ago, many thought I'd fall like a domino, no

Now your face is chump, cause I've summed up

the somethin most high, not a mountain to a bum


I'm comin with fluent, rhythm, calm yet storm

Unleashin my speech to each and every one

I wake up in the mornin, get up then I'm yawnin

Glad to be alive to another day's dawnin

Some blessed be otherwise, they despise

cause they can't handle what's word from the wise

I don't stress who I measure up to or who's fond of O's

Cause what you build I knock down for my condos

Upon those, those words I speak

More or less my best, just to say the least

Foundation laid, what gives

You ask would I sass regardless, O.C. lives


One time, it's a check your life record

Yeah peep the method it's a smooth kind of effort

with guidelines to put your hand on your chin and think

Ears listen before you say a record ain't mink

Hard work involves what evolves around O

I try to keep it moderate if that's how I thought of it

I break beats down lashin, with the voice

Choice words I'ma say, only spoken when I'm moist

It's a vibe, coincidin with the rhythm

Choice words to follow, for suckers to swallow

Each one teach - strong not week

So I'ma let mom finish what I started to freak, it's like..

[Ma Dukes keeps singing as the record gradually ends]

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