O.c. - Ga Head

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[Verse One]

Yo, you tell too many lies for me, I'm hip to ya, screw ya

One time or another see I thought that I knew ya

I brought ya to a level that you would never ever see

O-C-double-E toasted bubbly treatin you lovely so

what be the cause of you seein another man

Didn't I tell you stop hangin out with that whole flam

She's bad news, plus she's the cause of my blues

You act as if SHE'S the man buyin you garments and shoes

Whassup with that? C'mon baby doll, explain to me

I gotta know, what's the effin reason for playin me?

His sha-laft must be thick, must be stronger

must be good, must be a whole lot longer

If not that, then yo, I don't know

You get a award for the best actress playin a role

Your one last chance to advance with me

Sittin quiet on your ass why don't you answer me?

I guess not so


Go 'head with yourself - you stabbed my heart with a knife

Go 'head with yourself - I thought you was my wife

Go 'head with yourself - you're nuttin but stress in my life

Go 'head with yourself

[Verse Two]

It's killin me softly, awfully, my heart aches

over you breaks for you, bound to the stakes for you

Knowin the next man drillin ya fillin your holes

with flesh to flesh, smackin the mattress to sweat

in love juice, that's how I imagine the whole hoo-rah

I try to block it out so I pick the Qu'ran

to act as if I'm readin but I'm not

Then I get a call from my nigga Ness blowin up the spot

He's tellin me some shit I can't take grips to

I flips on the phone, but it's him I shouldn't be riffin to

BLAM! Slammed the phone down, shocked as a mother

What I discovered, it made me sob and blubber

All my time was a waste, my face it looked just like a jackass

I leave it up to my cloud to decide

Should I blast her for causin me emotional hell

or let her go 'head with herself

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Three]

Check it

Now I know, remember the ho I spoke about named Fran?

She be the other man, hey ain't that some..

She did a switch to go down on a bitch

Had me thinkin another man changed her pitch

Another woman's been beatin my time

Another sister not a mister she lovin mine

I confronted who was once my honey

to see why she chose over the raw and real to lick

tail of a bunny, all of a sudden I explode in rage

of animalistic like I broke out of a cage

First I think violence, then I think the uppercut into her gut

For what? There's other honies out there so what the..

.. just my luck though

Or that I streak a bad vibe in the system over a missus

You got vicious, so best wishes

Let's just say the world is a ocean filled with mad fishes

Malicious be your attitude, sour be your name like

lickin other kitten but you say you feel shame

Game kill it, you're not attracted to men

So my advice is to take a hike witcha new friend

[Chorus x2]

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