O.c. - Action Guaranteed

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(feat. Ras Kass)



You don't stop baby (mm-hmm)

Shawn J. baby (what?) Period

O.C. baby (O.C. baby)

Ras Kass baby (Ras Kass baby)

U.N.I.Versal (Unique versitile baby)

Uh-huh, ?big loot baby, thuglicious?

Yeah, uhh, set it

Yo, what's poppin baby? I haven't heard from you lately

We used to conversate day to day on the daily

Remember when I saw you I passed my car I was on my celly

Sittin on the twenty inch Pirelli's

Earring in your belly button caught my eye, oh Nelly

Turned a nigga whole preserve into jelly

You and I rollin a Phillie, but not cheesesteak

My man on my side checkin out the broad's cake

He said the shortie got the bubble like a Lex

I could look at her thighs and fantasize about the sex (mm-hmm)

Check, now I get a call from my nigga Ras and blew

West coast connect (Aiyyo what's crackin doe?) Ahh it's on you

It's like I'm trying to get this dough, so my pocjets ain't hollow

Get my Jake Rollo on with the broads and pop bottles (uhh-huh)

Baby never ever hollow (never, never, bring it nigga)

[Chorus: O.C.] [singing]

Call me.. don't waste our time if you don't wanna talk to us

Call me.. we got action guar-an-teed


[Ras Kass]

Me and the home-BA-BY, we sniffin some Kurtis Blow

Like "If I Ruled the World" but without the Jheri curl though

Break mind off proper, so O is you with me?

Want two titties in every city, my children jiggy like

a billion little Biggie's -- you dig me? (That's right)

I'm mashin, Ras Kassin, hoo-bang, WESSYDE

Don't be mad, cause I'm tossin up your woman

It's a party in her panties and I'm the only one comin

Keep money in the bank and kept your girl on her knees

My conversation like birdseed so chickenheads PLEASE

I got game in ten different languages

My name is 24-karat ice, the most dangerous

man you never knew is bangin yo' fiancee

Backseat of a rented Cadillac Elente

I'm Dante, and all I really had to say

Aye mami, tu ?fudio? es grande

Now you can catch me in the broken land

or at the Golden Lady, having strippers swallow my babies

Ain't even the maybe, no hoe pan is savin em

I'm strip searchin bitches like security at the Palladium



Phenomenon worth 4-5-6 when in the mix

Goin once goin twice like mice be tricky

O.C. snatch cheese, you settin the trap?

When it's said and done I put your nipples in my gap

*sssst* That's the sound when I nibble at your cheese nips

Watch it or that'll be the last thing you breathe BEYOTCH

Dealin with pure fuckery, so you can't see self respect

honey stop suckin me you're lovin me

[Ras Kass]

I be Brown, Foxy like Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!

One for the money, two for the show

Three for more dough a fo'-fo' and five mics

But disrespect mine potnah you're soon to die twice

I rhyme right, so you lime like gum

But in rhyme fights niggaz bite like Mike Ty-son

We be kickin it, peep how a nigga boister

I gets my swerve on rockin the Rolex oyster

[Chorus x2]

[O.C.] Call me [x3]

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