O.c. - 1nce Again

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[Lil' Fame: "I'm still doin my thang!"] [Danze: "Go 'head"]

[Big L: "Once again the man's back"] ("O.C.")

("I'm still doin my thang!") ("Go 'head")

("And once again the man's back" ) ("O.C.")

("I'm still doin my thang!") ("Go 'head")

("O.C.") ("once again") ("I'm still doin my thang!")

("O.C.") ("I'm still doin my.. my.. my.. my.. my..")

[O.C.: over scratches]

Geah... never weak

Your future seems bleak

Yeah... yeah, check, yo


The meak, the weak listen when the God speak

Deep control like "The Pelican Brief"

Deadlift minds they wanna know what foe, who a foe

Mathematics, O back at it

Most def, mo' pep in my step, doze slept

Now awoke I'm like smellin salts under your nose

I revive 'em, guide 'em, teach 'em, won't deny 'em

Many not built like I am

Flow with remarkable timin, run laps around beats

Break records, reps double checkin

Like Ra said it's sportable, microphones portable

For any immortal man source is not affordable

Quote the ledger like 9/11 be forever in your mind embedded

Leave it to me, I'll set it


("My skills ill, and all of that above") ("rap technician, man listen")

("My skills ill, and all of that above") ("O.C.") ("rap technician")

("My skills ill, and all of that above")

("There's no doubt you're gonna pump this in your system")


Yo, new thug anthem, this shit amped

in a way that a monkey react seein a panther

Roy Jones of rap, others can't stand it

Deliver K.O.'s with both hands do damage

Dome all swoll, I'll deflate it

Product of my old earth, if I don't agree I debate it

Opinions like assholes, we all got 'em

The infrared got 'em, O keep heads noddin

Lyrics like shotguns scatter buckshots

Once upon a time, occupied a dust spot

West coast call it sherm, East coast say embalmin fluid

This is menage-a music, whoa

Speakin in third person, one man version

Orchestrate thoughts like Gershwin

Still got fans on deck, still got die-hard niggaz thirstin


("Ain't I fly? O.C.")


My roots run deep through NY, truck through hoods like a semi

Do it cause I can't owe the man

Know your place, all I got is my word and namesake

Patient under God, walk around town megahard like

.. ain't no thang, never ran never will

Mouth crooked, aura straight Brooklyn

Raised in the bosom of God, please forgive me for my sins

One love to my niggaz behind bars

He's so nice, I heard it before

Bring your best rap dudes, bet I murder 'em all

Neglect the fact I ain't got plaques on the wall

Play a big part for you and your crew's downfall

Flow, cocked and ready to bust and blast off

This here lead dye shed pounds off balls

Tough talkin niggaz get a round of applause

("Bump this in your system")

("skills ill, and all of that above") ("O.C.")

("My skills ill...") ("O... O... O... O.C.C.")

("My skills ill")

[ad lib scratching to end]

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