NYCE - Eulogy (Dipset Diss)

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(Shit comin' down..)

Pfft.. Haha..

Aww Mayne.. (We shakin' niggas down down here, nigga)

To my suprize man, I git a mothafuckin' call, ya' nah'm sayin'..

D's like: "Whuddup.. Oh, and we got Cam' on a war side"

Pfft, I'm like: "Wuh?".. "This mothafucka?".. "Is you crazy?!"

Uh uh uh.. Ooh shiit..

Aye yo Fif' man, you sho'?

Ya sho'? (Just shoot) Ya sho' on this nigga?

This nigga ass man, butchu sure? (Dat's whudd we gon' do)

Aiight fuck it man, haha.. (Jeah!)

I wanna do this one time nigga, it's Nyce Da Phuture nigga!! (Whuddup!)

Catch me anywhere you fuckin' faggit!

When ya see me, see me - holla at me nigga (Uhh)


Fif', all I need is a vest, gloves, Henny and some cigarettes (Jeaah)

And I put this nigga chest on a {?}

I been a Vet', been a threat - knife in ya neck

Nigga my gangsta is +World Wide+ like tha Internet (Jeah!)

Cam' front, man I make this ho' sap dat

I know some boys wit' killas, who love to set trap (Whuddup!)

As Cam'Ron impress out, nigga didn't do {?}

Jimmy tell dat boi, dat Unit be bunch a of menace (Yeah!)

We's a +Predicate Felons+, wit' big whips and toasters

Dat'll have you slumped over in dat pink on pink Rover

You was betta befo', you caught ya STD

Ya best album homeboi, was STE

Dat was when you made sense, you had soldiers in tha trench

When you left Jimmy to git jumped, and you hopped tha fence

Befo' ya lil' start 'em (Haha faggit!)

I don't think this nigga should be a fuckin' face of Harlem (Dat's right!)

Don't make me run up on ya office wit' a 1000 Eagles

This ain't no movie, but I'll show you like a 1000 Regals

This nigga scared hommie, call me "Young Fifty"

I got all this bitches, ready to come home wit' me

And dat album, it's not a classic you must be crazy

Only people maded aiight, was Juelz and Jay-Z

I don't know who tha fuck named this nigga +Killa Fam+

He a cup-cake, his name should be +Vanilla Cam+ (Haha, Bitch!)

Wit' a lil' sprinke on tha side

He wear dem mean dark pade shades

To cover up a twinke in his eye

You need to retire or find you a ghost-writer

Oh I know who he is, it's dat nigga JR Writer

You already got a money on ya head, a couple of snipers (Ron D nigga, wussup?)

Fo' tha right price I'll make ya shit tigher (Nigga!)

Nah, I won't be in tha presence of this peasant

He talkin' bout {?} , but he sho' is {?}

I ain't even gon' talk about tha square

Ain't nuthin' to talk about, nigga he ain't got no career (Who is he?!)

No street credibility, dunno where he's from (Where you from holmes?)

No charges, no crime, neva picked up tha gun (Wussup!)

Catch ya on Queens lil' faggit, and you niggas done

Have my niggas pump ya bird ass feathers, punchin' ya lungs (Byrdgang!!)

You can front, smoke blunts fo' publicity stunts

You want a war!? Nah, I don't this is whatchu really want!

He ain't eatin' no mo', he ain't livin' no mo', he ain't breathin' no mo'

Hommie, he scared!! And when we pop up wit' dem gats

Put a hole in his back, your son is a rat

Hommie, he scared!! This is Tha Unit, Jeah!!

Oh shit, he can't do shit here!

This is Tha Unit, G!! He ain't what he used to be!!

This is Tha Unit, G!! Jeah, It's ova stupid!

It's Tha Unit, no body do it like we do it, Nigga, JEAH!!


.. Fucka!!


This nigga man..

Shit, why he made me do it man..

Cam'Ron Giles ass niggas mayne.. Y'all..

Swear to God mane..

Don't let me catch you up there in Lenox nigga!!

Wit' cho lil' tight ass fuckin' white beater on and shit..

Ya nah'm sayin'..

witcha Lil' pink mink on, lookin' all cute like a cup-cake ass nigga

Trynna stunt and shit, ya nah'm sayin'..

You gon' have ya lil' fuckin' pink wearin' mothafuckin' +Goons+ wit' chu..

I give two fucks nigga!

Cause I know you weigh like about, whudd.. 90?

So track 90 from..

Cause he got AIDS right now, so lemme, let me think..

So track 90 from about like 40

He got like 50 pounds on him now, ya nah'm sayin'..

He dyin' slow any fuckin' way, ya nah'ha mean..

You fuckin' faggit!!

You should've neva step to Tha Unit turf nigga, you crazy?!

What tha fuck is wrong wit' this nigga man?

Aye yo Fif' man, don't even hurt him like dat mayne..

You know how this nigga is man, ya nah'm sayin'..

He wann' talk shit and apologize lata

Tha Henny got him slumped ova and shit, so

He trynna git a lil' further and talk all dat shit: "Curtis this nigga.."

Tha fuck's wrong wit' chu nigga?!

Yeah nigga, step into some real shit right now nigga!

It's Tha Unit, you fuckin' faggit!!

Come see us nigga!!

Matta a fact!

Come see me nigga!!

Dolo, one on one nigga

We gon' see wussup nigga.. Cam'RUN!!

We can do whateva nigga.. Fist fight, cause I..

All I got to do is mush you nigga, haha..

Probly bend you ova, put chu on my lap and spank ya

You like, you weigh as much as my son nigga

Fuck is wrong witchu, nigga!?

Haha ha ha.. Aww, this nigga's a faggit man

You know what man..

We gon' just continue to git this money

And dat's what we gon' do man..

Shout out to Jimmy and Juelz man, cause they keepin' a hundred outta team right now

I don't know bout the rest of dem dudes.. JR WRITER!!

You a neva nigga!! Don't make me see you neitha nigga!

You already got a price on ya head half p, ya nah'm sayin'

You, you know dem dudes!!

They gon' see you nigga, it's not a game nigga!

It's Tha MOBB nigga, Tha Black MOBB, you fuckin' faggit!!


And Tha Game nigga..

Comv' up, we outta here!

GAME OVER nigga!!!

Game, I hate chu too nigga! Suck a dick!!


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