Nyashane - Upright Powerful

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Feat. Booba Starr, Kezz-I

We be forever standing up right!

Right, stand right!

We be forever shine bright

Just like the Dutch in 99'

We never sell insanity for vanity

Raise the youths, them higher ball profanity

Bring back the things belong to we, our mercy

And today, around the things that they dance with

Reverend Mercy dancing to all the melodies(?)

They get the youths all strong and full of unity

Upright will forever be, forever we be


Them not know we upright and powerful

Make we feel like we wanna run on, like a lion

Great success that we end up on

Surely feel like we be gunning on, girl!

Upright people, they never gonna get us down

They can't stop us now.

Upright people, we choose and don't gotta


I used to lie until the bad one gone

The people are feel it

In these times they got to live

And let Satan to offer live

Put the most in the fair light

And stay positive

You will feel Rastafarian love

A Booba Starr is the rebel

Now you're sheer on kissing

We so bright, we don't fight

We then candidate

Said the world, we chacha people

We do multiply

Dead or alive so we be used

Until certain day


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