N.W.A. - Fat Girl lyrics

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[Fat girl!]

[You're a fat girl]

[Fat...fat...fat fat fat fat girl] (repeat 2X)

(It's funky fresh Eazy E) new kid on tha block

And already got a fat girl on my jock

Now my story's kinda simple, so please take it simple

As I tell you a tale bout this big fat pimple

I was chillin on the ave, drinkin some booze

Saw a fatty comin my way, so what was I to do?

I busted a U, went tha other way again

but forgot that tha Avenue was a dead end

I turned around, here she came, stride for stride

funky fat like that, bout two thirty-five

Stampede was rushin, I double looked

and she had more chins than a chinese phonebook

Five four three ugly as can be, she said


Hello Eazy E. Do you remember me? (I said no)

Huhu yes you do suga

My name is Bertha but you can call me booga

Remember the time when you were drunk at a party

We was slow dancin, give ya all this body


When she said that she loved me, I was in shock

Oh my God got a fat girl on my jock


[I got a fat girl on my jock] [Fat girl] [Got a fat girl on my jock]

She gave me tha grin, I showed tha frown

and with a bare hug picked me off tha ground

Squeezion me tight, atttempted to bug me

Grabbed me by tha rear, said [Love me, hug me!]

I was hell, victim of a scandal

coz this girl's too much for E to handle

Broke tha bee's grip, started to run

Back to tha crib, grabbed tha elephant gun

She's grubbin, thighs rubbin in a hot pursuit

I loaded up tha gun bout ready to shoot

She kept on comin because of addiction

Legs on fire because of friction

My gun broke, now I was doomed

Dropped tha double barrel, grabbed tha harpoon

As I swung, tha fat girl fell

Lyin on tha ave just like a beach whale

That's tha story, it's quite ill

and all fat girls y'all besta chill

All overweight freaks stay off my block

Cause it's eerie to have a fat girl on your jock


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