Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault - Trail Of Tears lyrics

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Another day has passed you by

And now it seems that you don't care

You've let your life slip away

You feel no pain, you feel no joy

You've let your feelings fade away

You've let life tear apart your soul

Feel no pain <i>[2x]

You must wake up and perceive

That you are not a victim here

You're a traveller through this life

Noone persecuted you

You've brought it down upon yourself

And now you're standing on the edge

Feel no pain <i>[2x]

Take a look at where you are

And then look back to where you were

And think of how you got there

Work at repairing your life

You can't just throw it all away

You've got to stick it to the end

Feel no pain <i>[2x]

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