Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault - Search & Seizure lyrics

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Up in the morning, feeling alive

Not in the mood for ordeals

Get in my car just to go for a ride

Another day at the wheel

Bang into third

Tachometer rises to 3000 RPM

Look into the rear view mirror and lo and behold

Oh fudge, not again

Search and seizure <i>[2x]

What does he want me for?

What did I do?

I never break any laws

The lights are flashing

The sirens scream

My heart hits a moment of pause

I pull to the side

He pulls up behind

The moment of truth is not far

With his gun drawn and expressionless eyes

He says "Wanna step out of the car?"

Search and seizure <i>[2x]

Out on bail, back in my home

I think I'll hang in tonight

They can't touch me behind these walls

It's there I'll be safe tonight

Quarter past four

A knock at the door

I wonder who could be there

"It's New Jersey's finest, you're under arrest

Come with us, longhair"

Search and seizure <i>[4x]

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