Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault - Inherited Hell lyrics

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A time in the future, not too far away

The death of our world, we are told

Destroyed by neglect, now breeding despair

The home of mankind is despoiled

Polluted oceans, unbreathable air

The life of the land under siege

Cancer is spreading and wasting the world

And mankind is now the disease

Look upon the world you knew

And say goodbye, it dies with you

Those who live when we are dead

Will curse our names, they 've inherited Hell

The forests are gone and the ocean destroyed

The world we once knew now is dead

The animals slaughtered, wild life in its grave

The sun burns too bright overhead

Cities collapsing and famine runs rampant

A nightmare where once there was life

Radiation and toxins a part of the children

Who will hate us until they die

We never stopped to think or reflect

On what we have done to the world

The heritage we live our children is Hell

A short life in pain what we mold

We 've squandered resources and wasted the land

And left little for those to come

They will have nothing to claim for their own

Except for the Hell we have shown

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