Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault - Human Wreckage lyrics

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Across the globe hatreds stir the beast within

Another war for holy causes seems a sin

Letting loose hate your book says to abhor

I don't think your god approves of holy war

All these religions they say don't kill

But they've shed more blood and made more victims

In a world led by god's bigoted fools

An endless stream of martyrs charging to their doom

So in seven days god created all things

And on the eighth mna was killing in his name

Tell the god what did you have in mind

When you let man turn against his own kind

Holy man or holy terror who can choose

Saving souls by killing what a sad misuse

The prophet's words are written now in blood red

And all his flock are killing until they are dead

Any injustice they have suffered is erased

By the blood of hapless victims they have shed

Led by those intent on hatred war and sin

Justified by twisting holy words intent

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