Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault - Equal Rights lyrics

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Prejudice is just another way of saying ignorant

Describing morons narrow mind and losers bloody frozen heart

People who can't see past skin or see what's a good man's head

Closed up thinking backwards mind all thought paralysed

Using any argument cause you don't want to use your head

Keeping evil ways alive even though they ahould have died

Freedom is a human right skin don't matter black or white

Equal Rights, Human Rights

Martin hunter a great man who wanted people to be sane

Killed by frightened ignorance even though it was too late

His message seems to be guite clear, why should we be ruled by fear

With his death a great man died but you can't kill his ideals

Let us leave behind us all these stupid racial arguments

Help make racial wars a distant unforgotten memory

Maybe hate will never die that doesn't mean we shouldn't try

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