Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault - Emergency lyrics

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Alcohol and pills, a night with some thrills

Go out with my friends and leave a good will

Some smoke and some buff, now I'm so tough

My ignorant habit gets deeper and deeper

I'm Batman, I'm Robin, I'm Bonnie & Clyde

For truth and justice, the American way

Now I've become what I wanted to be

But I can't face reality

Emergency <i>[2x]

I've come a long way, do you hear what I say

There's no need to bother with an education

My school grades are dropping and I've lost my job

The pain in my soul gets weaker and weaker

The party has started it's Saturday night

Time to strech my imagination

The darkness of night, a bright flashing light

There's no turning back, it's time to die

Emergency <i>[4x]

An ambulance ride to a hospital bed

Feel such an effort to open my eyes

An IV tube, some hypo shots

My blood is polluted with conflicting drugs

The last thing I see as the darkness drops down

I am surrounded by nervous doctors

My body grows cold, my eyes won't stay open

Finally my heart stops it's useless stuggle

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