Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G. - Ms. Wallace (Outro)

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As a child Christopher was outspoken when it suited him at times he was quiet

and of course he was mischievous as all little boys are as a young man he likes

to do everything he liked to read he likes to be with his friends as young kids

r young boys he enjoyed life everything that would make him happy r comfortable

he would do but mostly he enjoyed being with his friends and family his early

inspirations toward rap music were the LLs of the world the sugar hills the Mr.

magic抯 and the fat boys of the rap channel those were all the things I heard in

the house even though I called it noise and banging I know now that it is a

accepted musical art form I was a single parent I raised my son on my own his

father had no influence on his decision towards the musical outlet r career he

chose my son had a mind of his own even if his father was around he would have

turned to rap he loved music he loved rap at a point in my sons life he

developed paranoia about death and about the dying we are living in a world of


perfect human beings we are greed jealousy and envy or manifested by what

others have accomplished in life my son was very very much aware of that he

appreciated his station in life on the directions in which he was going are

traveling on the other hand there were others who I should uhh use the hip hop

phrase player hating and I think that is what resulted in his paranoia if I had

to change anything in my sons life that would have allowed him to be here

today I would have deterred him from a career in music im aware that millions

appreciated his music millions loved his music be that it may if he hadn抰

chosen that life style that career my son would be alive today if I could sum

up Christopher in one word the word would be generous th thing that my son

loved most about life was the fact that he was in a position to help position

to share position to give to others who needed to others who wanted to others

apreciat4d the gifts that he gave that抯 what he loved most

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