Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G. - Hustler'S Story

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(feat. Akon)

Akon... and B-I-G


Niggaz talkin but aint living it.

Cristyle pac I'm sippin it.

Mobb hats and lizard shit.

Gator chuncks bitch, rollin blunts with the wheelist of the wheelies

Hitch link cop, and ones a nine milli,

stories like a motherfucker

model bitchs wonderin if i'ma fuck wit her,

She knows I treat my bitches like gavana, Dolce and Gabana drippin, Big Poppa never slippin.

H class diamonds shining, dinner with wifey whining, dining.

Smokin cigars and Bolbatar with Columbian nigga's named Panama and Enrique and shit.

games we play life ending,

bitches bendin over with ease for a pair of Mosqiuno jeans

Over-the-counter tank top I got your bank stopped, say whos on top?

Benjamins under the rest of them, advancing from duplex to mansion.

Stashing keys, hiding g's over seas, vcr is in my viens.

Game elevates, money I make into stocks and real estate bitch.

Jet-skiing in the - caribean, white sand, discusing plans with my man,

dark blue land, smoke tint, chrome rims

and a system that leave my rear views trembling.

Whatchu gonna do when poppa catch ya attitude,

drop to your knees and show gratitude,kiss my ring, its a frank white thing.

I stay potent, bitches devoted take my dick and deep throat it

[Akon - Chorus]

Eternal sunshine, in this elevated world of mine

lookin for this hourglass of time

trying find my purpose on this grand desire

is there anybody out there living

4, 5, 6 is on the streets stay shootin

is there any money out there for me

You just listen to this hustler's story

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