Noreaga - Thugs 'R' Us

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Them niggas really think that it's a game but it's not

Niggas kept frontin', Brown got popped

Word on life, word on my click

All a niggas really got in his life is his word and his dick

And I stay true to them like both of them laws

Niggas talk shit my click's not ridin' them dogs

Niggas hate me cause broke and can't floss

Yo I cop coke, cook it up or buy it cooked already

Like a '98 six wild like a Chevy

Yo I floss now, look how much my jewels cost now

I'm realizin' that you me so I hate y'all too

so both sides is hate so it's mutual

Beautiful, my guns make it shoot-able

Shoot at you send staff to clap you

Yo my name's Nori but only fam calls me 'Poppi'

That nigga's homo like the cat who killed Versace

Homo thug, yo I shoulda know sooner

My click stay in jail like Robert Downey Jr.

Like outlaw in the beacon, nigga we can

fuck wit' niggas think they live while y'all weaklings

I'm from Iraq, play the cut smoke mad trees

Buy my own business, concentrate on my cheese

Yo the door lock, four knocks and one symbol

I'm like '98 Live, you like Double Dribble

Aye yo, thugged out, no rules, playin' the game

Every man for hisself, just recievin' the pain

It's like you tall, 21, no out, just go hard

Rest in piece I gotta say to Yammy and Taj

It's like bitches never learn, money to burn

Yo I'm leavin' like me and Nate (I'm leavin'!!) let me say this

I used to rock to G-U-E with the SS

now I'm in the '98 black GS

Golden with kid in my shit, on some full grits headlights

Shit shine from Def Jam to Crown Heights

Now my click keep guns, time to fight

Open the flip on the star-tech and check the message

Cock ten Sprint phones caught a deal

What, one and the same like thugged out and Ill Will

It's all real, still from Iraq...

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