Noreaga - Hold Me Down

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(feat. Final Chapter)

[Chorus x2: Noreaga (Final Chapter)]

Yo hold me down nigga (scared face to face with life)

Yo hold me down nigga

(trying to eat in these streets is trife)

Just hold me down nigga

(Fuck a bitch, make ya beef ya wife,

'n these fiend for the cream til they team is tight)


Yo at Miami, at the Rolex, the strip bar club

Even at Cocos, the strip bar club

Sometimes at Medallions, the strip bar club

Always with dubs, 5 and 10's, cappin battles of Don

For the crazy, spend my cash

But you know I never pay for the head and ass

Were my niggas at? gettin lap dances

Smiles on they face, feel good my niggas be laced

Used to be on the block, just sellin they rocks

Now they chillin with me gettin legal knots

Double L techs, ain't nigga be Vex

Rockin ice burn, never too good to wear Guess

Makin it happen, seein my niggas makin it rappin

While ya niggas be broke and ya never be laughin

We on jet ski's and scooters, private jets

Don't you know we still have our ties to the projects

[Chorus x2]


Every nigga that you talk to, ain't ya man

And every nigga that you hang with, ain't ya fam

See a snake like a mile away, niggas say I'm weak now

And I ain't even hungry

So listen up, yo this is what I gotta say

I still hungry yo I eat like twice a day

But ya can suck my dick like Mart LeMay

Cool and honest, now a nigga really be arogent

My nigga Outlaw who used to live up in Faragent

We got niggas from all around the world

We even got hoes now, better ask ya girl

We can drink with weed, I'll make ya hurl

Straight twisted, with hydro and how ya be lifted

I told you to hit it light, before ya hit it

But you ain't listen so ya ass is corse

But you can't hang with me cuz ya ass is soft

[Chorus x2]


Aiyo one's for the money, two's for the bitches that suck dick

Three is for pops and shit, Rest in Peace Mambo

Yo I love you daddy

Soon as 'Pone came home, yo he cop the Caddie

Tell Bob My Weave, we doin are thing

And we got like a whole lotta money to bring

Do are thing with the bent, plus we grown as men

Feedin like 15 niggas, that's next to kin

Sprung niggas out the hood with us

Yo when we do shows, we still got the hood with us

I know you love that, see us on stage, all drunk, with a thug hat

Mic check, so much henny moet

That's BK on the wheels, cuttin up the steels

The niggas bring gats still, just to keep a rep

So don't disrespect, ya won't see the tech

Mano-a-mano, probaly see ya niggas tomorrow

[Chorus x3]

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