Noreaga - Full Mode

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Oh, yeah, yeah


Oh, We ain't gon stop

Oh, Militainment, (gangsta nigga), Militainment

[Chorus x2]

I hit you till you drop, (What?) I hit you till you shake (What?)[x3]

Niggas and bitches (What?) shake ya body till it break (What?)

YO, yo, yo...

[Verse 1]

Ayyo, dude's mad, (What?) been in this game for a while (Bitch)

I been, mindin my business sellin cane for a while (That's what happened?)

I can freestyle, but I ain't do it for for a while (Wow)

Hate dude, Slime been hatin for a while (Oh no no)

Shit, coups, sedans, trucks, and drops for a while (You ballin)

But meanwhile, I been good for a while (What happened?)

Just left the hood, was in the hood for a while (You are the man)

Been fuckin these bitches, gettin pussy for a while (Boy, watch ya back)

Boy, watch ya mouth, you been cursin for a while (Yeah)

It's a big show, you been rehearsin for a while

Smash records, they makin hits for a while (That's true)

Used to be, hand-in-hand in the hood for a while (That's true too)

Used to call Miss Cleo, but I ain't call her in a while (That's right)

Used to be in the strip club, been drunk for a while (That's true)

Now I'm like Joe, and stay home for a while (Okay now)

Mami, let's while out and have some fun for a while (Let's go)

[Chorus x2]

Yo, yo, yo...

[Verse 2]

Who is this?

The half-Spanish bliddack (Uh huh), NORE i got a minat (Oh, man)

Get found wit 34 to ya chest its like Shid-aq (Huh?)

Ya girl a (?), straight Slime been tryna get at (I heard that)

I told her stop callin my phone, its just a riddap

I smoke bogeys, all day like 2-piddac (Smokin)

And smoke weed, and get drunk but no criddack

Guns go boom, the thing's jammed its like did-dat

Sounds like klit-at-klat-k-klat-klit-at

Still hold biddack, but really you need to sliddack (I know)

My team already diggin ya grave, (For what?) for ya niddap

And chicks love the dick, especially from the biddack

Have 'em sayin, Ohhhh NORE, and all th-that

Magnum XLs, but I mean its too thinnat

Oscar Lopez, it's revolutionary rizzap

The Lord gave me the willpower to bust Gizzat

This is my year, y'all niggas should hold bizzack

[Chorus x2]

Homey, open ya eyes and be alert when

The thing get to stutterin, and spittin, and squirtin

Holes in ya body by the time you pull ya heat out

Holes so big, man, ya heart and kidney leak out

I'm motivated by, cars and chains (Uhh)

And innovative ways (Uhh), to rock cocain (Uhh)

38, baby Tek, gloves, and scully (Uhh)

Niggas, watch yaself, I'm too damn gully


If all dogs go to Heaven, yo, and if thats so

Let's shoot, dawg, them all, yo let's see if we go

I got some low (?) booth or video, for my niggy though

Gave it to Athena, came right back for shiggy though

Wasn't really though, I just signed a new deally-o

Makin more money, now this bitch is in my video

Idiot niggas, call them niggas o-idio

Now they makin collect calls like Arsenio

[Chorus x2]

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