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Norbit movie - Shoppin' For Clothes

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Song by The Coasters<br /><br>

I was shopping for a suit the other day <br>

And walked into the department store <br>

I stepped on the elevator and told the girl <br>

"Dry goods floor" <br>


When I got off I saw a salesman was coming to me <br>

He said "Now, what can I do for you" <br>

I said "Well go in there and show me all the sport's clothes <br>

Like you're supposed to" <br>


He said, "Well, sure, come on in buddy <br>

Dig these fabrics we got laid out on the shelf" <br>

He said "Pick yourself out one <br>

Try it on, stand in the mirror and dig yourself" <br>


Ohhhhhh...That suit's pure herringbone <br>

Ohhhhhh...Yeah, that's a suit I'd like to own <br>

Ohhhhhh...Buddy, that suit is you <br>

Ohhhhhh...Yeah, I believe it too <br>


I see for the business man you feature the natural shoulder <br>

That retail, wholesale indeed <br>

It's got the custom cuffs and the walking short <br>

He said "And I'm gonna let you have at a steal" <br>


And for the playboy you have the latest in tweed <br>

With the cut-away flap over twice <br>

It's a box-back, two button western model <br>

He said, "Now ain't that nice" <br>


Ohhhhhh...Them buttons are solid gold <br>

Ohhhhhh...You made a deal, sold <br>

Ohhhhhh...That collar's pure camel hair <br>

Ohhhhhh...Well, you can just set it down right in that chair <br>


(Sax interlude) <br>


Now you go back there and you get that paper and let me sign on the dotted line <br>

And I'll make sure I get all my payments in right on time <br>

Hey wait a minute buddy, let me go back there and do a little checking on you <br>

Then the man come back, he said "I'm sorry my man but your credit didn't go through" <br>

Why, what you mean <br>


Ohhhhhh...Ain't this a shame <br>

Ohhhhhh...My heart's in pain <br>

Ohhhhhh...Pure, pure herringbone <br>

Ohhhhhh...That's a suit you'll never own <br>

Oh, Lord have mercy <br>


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