Nonpoint - Miracle

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<i>[Verse 1]</i>

Whoa you better blow the whistle, ring your bell

Train a little harder than you can you ever will

You need to think fast, this is the person here you see will be your last

Get a doctor or a priest, not an animal Im a beast

You need to start runnin

Youre standin on the tracks and the train is commin


Nowhere to go, you need

You need a miracle, something better save you

Before something bad happens to you

Whoa you need a miracle, Nothings gonna save you

and Ill scream it from the top of the world

<i>[Verse 2]</i>

I can see your scared startin to show

Not the kind of person thats turnin' away from you

You better get some help, cuz theres nothing you can do, do to help yourself

Got news if you think your bad, all your other fellas make me laugh

Grabbin you with both of my hands, takin you home and tearin you in half


Whatcha gonna do when its just me and you

Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do



<i>[Thanks to mike for these lyrics]</i>

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