Nonpoint - Circles

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going round circles again.

Pedal to floor, and back in the seat of purpose & will vs. modern machine.

Passing the slow, defeating the weak. From the tar on the street, and the

weight of my feet the sweat off my face. Wanting first place more than you can


going round circles again.

Photo finish race. Rear-viewed stare chase. Satisfaction only when I finish

at the end. If I followed all the rules, promise that i'll win? Driven so

confused that.

going round circles again.

holding on by a thread. Cut me loose so I can contend. Hoping for something

more than second place. first place or more. Where will i be when i get to

the end? Doesn't matter what place I began. Three hundred and

sixty-one-degree's and then.

going round circles again.

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