Nonoy Zuniga

Nonoy Zuniga - Live For Love

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Only love can fill this world with lasting peace<br />

Only love can give the strength to stand the test<br />

Only love can take a weary heart<br />

And light the darkened path of a weary soul<br />

That he may live once more<br />

<br />

Look for love and you will find true happiness<br />

Look for love once you find love you have the best<br />

Look for love and you will find the truth <br />

That clears away the doubt, that drives away the clouds<br />

And sets your spirit free<br />

<br />

Live for love, and love will fill your heart each passing day<br />

Live for love, and love will surely guide your destiny<br />

Witè thió lovå yoõ wilì discoveò <br />

Thå wondeò oæ passionó neveò revealed<br />

Spread this love and you will know <br />

The tender embrace and magic it brings<br />

<br />

(refrain)<br />

Live for love, together we will live without fear<br />

Believe in love that hate may disappear from every heart<br />

Share this love and all of its splendor<br />

Fight for love without surrender<br />

Live for love,live for love you and I<br />

<br />

(repeat refrain)

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