NoKTuRNL - U Can't B Me

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I think more and more about you every day

And I think I'm glad you went away

I'm feeling hurt, angry, and I'm frustrated

But you know I won't forget you

And you celebrate it

Well I can see what's comin' over yours and my horizon

I'm not surprised anymore

I run away from the world

You try to find me

I get a feelin' for the sun

And it blinds me

You try to tell me that you know what can free me

But at the end of the day you can't be me

Everyday I wake up and nothing's clear

My thoughts are messed up

There's no answer here

I've taken all I can year after year

These are the things you gave me

I couldn;t know or see my destiny

This is the time that I cannot see

On the journey of a thousand miles

As I take the first step

On the voyage of a thousand souls

Determination all I have left

And the miles have left me so cold

As my past mistakes unfold

I got to find the strength that I've kept

A hard road with a heavy load

Well I've waited and I've faded

Yeah I've burned the soles of my feet

I can't believe the things that I've traded

Now I see the end of the street

Will I still the noise in my head

Will I feel no pain when I'm dead

Drive hard on an empty road

Or will I crash and burn instead

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