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Noah Gundersen - Show Me the Light lyrics

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I watch you watching Dillon as you're watching a saint

And I could not help but notice everything he is, ____(?)

So I filled up every notebook I could put in my hands

Hoping that you would not notice I was a boy and not a man

Singing you to sleep and making you laugh

Give me a reason to work on my crap

Now that I'm older and finally see you were the worst

And the best thing that happened to me

I watched you watching Jesus like you're watching stars

Started praying you'd find me for both of us in you heart

But the more I tried, the more I find I could not pretend

To give a damn for your religion or for all your shitty friends

Back then every Sunday I would sit in your hall

Praying that one day finally know

Now that I'm older I finally see you're the worst and the best thing

I happen to need

Oh OH OH! Show me the light

Show me the light

Now take it from me

Oh OH OH! Show me the light

Show me the light

And I can take it from you, honey

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